As the parents/legal guardian of the participant, or as the participant, I do hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the Miss Mill Creek Pageants and published on this website. I agree to hold the Miss Mill Creek Pageants Directors and volunteers harmless from any damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, or injury during or resulting from my child’s or my participation in this pageant. I understand and agree that should an act of God (earthquake, fire, or any other act of nature) cause the cancellation of the pageant, that said pageant will be canceled without benefit of refund; however, the pageant will be rescheduled at another time and location. I understand that the judge’s decisions are final. I understand that good sportsmanship is required at all times. This includes the contestant, parents, and/or guest. I understand that failure to show good sportsmanship will result in disqualification of the contestant without refund and forfeiture of any awards received. I agree and understand that all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. I agree and give permission to Miss Mill Creek Pageants to use any and all photographs, and/or videotapes for publicity purposes.